About Us


Safe 'n Sound is a not for profit organization created in 2007 by a group of local citizens concerned about the lack of emergency shelter in Grey and Bruce

 Guiding Values and Principles

• We believe that our internal processes and decisions should strive for consensus.

• We believe that every human being has fundamental rights and we need to help and support that in need while being respectful that accessing service is a choice.

• We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity. They are entitled to a bed, not a floor, to health and nutrition, and safety.

• We believe in providing services which are respectful, inclusive and non-judgmental.

• We wish to encourage a respectful community, recognizing and drawing on community expertise, and ensuring accountability of services to the community.

• We believe that our organization should also be consistently working towards our own goals and a commitment to learning which is reflective of our vision.

Safe’n Sound Homelessness Initiative is a not for profit, charitable community based organization. We operate "The Space" (310 8th Street East, Owen Sound) - a community within a community where the at risk of homelessness and the homeless can access basic needs as well support, advocacy and referral.

We operate an after-hours emergency housing program which provides emergency shelter in motels with transportation and breakfast, seven days a week.

We also operate an emergency housing and support line (519-470-2222) where members of the community can receive support, help with tenancy issues, and referrals to other agencies. 



 Safe 'n Sound provides safe emergency shelter and support for homeless people, in partnership with community services, and public education and advocacy for homelessness prevention. 



 Safe 'n Sound envisions a community committed to ending homelessness where everyone has safe shelter with appropriate services.